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Visiting from Mauritania: Work Shadowing at F+U Academy of Languages


F+U Academy of Languages offers not only language courses but also opportunities for language teachers to continue their education at our school. This fall, we welcomed Mohamed Babah Helle (35), an English teacher from Mauritania, as a trainee. He is a participant in the CrossCulture Internship Programme of the German Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) and spent three months at F+U Academy of Languages and other schools in Heidelberg to sit in on English classes. We got to meet Mohamed for a short interview.

Hello Mohamed, nice to meet you. How long are you staying in Germany?

I came to Germany in August and will stay until the middle of November.

Where are you from exactly?
Originally, I am from the region of Trarza in the southwest of Mauritania which is close to the capital, Nouakchott. I moved to Nouakchott to go to university and to work there. I received two years of training to become an English teacher.

What made you choose ifa and F+U Academy of Languages specifically?
I stumbled upon a blog on the internet where I learned about ifa and their CrossCulture Internship programme. I wanted to go to F+U Academy of Languages specifically because I read a report on the internet from a person who went to F+U Academy of Languages and thought a language school would fit perfectly.

You are an English teacher. In how far does being a teacher in German differ from teaching in your home country?
The school buildings are bigger and better equipped than in my home town. Also the class sizes differ. In Germany there are fewer students in one class than in my home country.

What do you like most about Germany and Heidelberg?
The people here are nice and treated me very well. The development of the country is interesting and I like that there are many parks and green spaces. Heidelberg is a nice and calm city and it has a great Muslim and Arab community.

What did you miss most about your home country?
I missed my family and friends most, of course, and the food.

What are you going to do when you’re leaving Heidelberg?
I will return to Nouakchott to teach English again. Wadaen Heidelberg – goodbye Heidelberg!

During the summer months, F+U Academy of Languages also offers a professional development seminar for German teachers. For more information on our German and English courses, check our website or e-mail us at languages@fuu.de.

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