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    Welcome to F+U Academy of Languages!

    Located in the centre of Heidelberg, the F+U Academy of Languages is one of the largest language schools in Europe. In addition to lessons in German, English and more than 25 further languages all year-round F+U also offers professional training in its state recognized vocational training college for foreign languages (Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk, European Secretary, Translator, Interpreter and more) and organizes language trips to destinations around the world.

    Furthermore, F+U Academy of Languages is an international test centre for TestDaF, TELC, TestAS, OnDaF, TOEFL, TOEIC, LCCI and many other exams.

    Starting in 2015, F+U will offer preparatory courses for the Feststellungsprüfung (University Entrance Qualification for International Students).

    Our language school offers:

    F+U Academy of Languages
    Hauptstrasse 1
    69117 Heidelberg
    Phone: +49 6221 8994-2983
    E-mail: languages@fuu.de

    School administration opening hours:
    Monday-Friday 07:30-20:00 h
    Saturday: 10:00-16:00 h
    School opening hours:
    Monday-Friday: 07:30-21:00 h
    Saturday: 10:00-16:00 h
    Sunday: On request.


    Our staff are happy to answer your questions in German, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Russian at any time during our office hours:
    Monday - Friday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
    Saturday: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Download our brochure in your language (pdf, 4-5MB)

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    F+U Academy of Languages in Heidelberg, Germany: an overview of our offers

    All language courses:

    Vocational training courses:

    Test centre for:

    Language tours worldwide:

    • Language tours worldwide : Here you will find a wide variety of different language travels to over 80 destinations. We offer travels to England, Ireland, USA, France, Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Italy, Malta, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, China and Russia.

    Exam preparation courses:

    • We offer following exam preparation courses: TestDaF courses, DSH-courses, TELC courses and LCCI courses. Furthermore we provide exam preparation for: Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung, zentrale Oberstufenprüfung, GMAT, DELE, CILS und IELTS.

    F+U Academy of Languages on Facebook

    Computer courses and ECDL:

    • EDV: individual training and group training

    Internship programme:

    The Ministry of Trade and Industry for the federal state of Baden-Württemberg has authorised F+U to carry out the internship programme “Eurodyssée”. Furthermore, F+U also offers internships in Heidelberg and many different internship programmes abroad (for example in England and Spain).


    See here all accreditations and memberships of the language school F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg.

    The language school F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg, Germany: the benefits

    • In central Heidelberg: The F+U language school is situated by Bismarckplatz in the middle of the vibrant centre of the university city and is only 200 metres from the Neckar and 1.5 km away from the castle. Heidelberg is one of the most beautiful cities in whole Germany and stands for the "good old Germany"
    • Learn the language of your choice in an international atmosphere: Today, the F+U Academy of Languages is one of the largest language schools in Germany. 8,000 students participate in our language courses in Heidelberg every year.
    • Modern facilities: 48 multimedia-equipped classrooms (up to 80 in summer), 3 Internet rooms with 50 computers and a library make learning a pleasure, and during break times you have the chance to enjoy a chat with colleagues in the common room with its terrace, or in the cafés located in the building.
    • Free internet access during the whole day at 50 computers.
    • A wide range of accommodation possibilities: halls of residence, host families, hotels, apartments.
    • A weekly choice of leisure and cultural activities.

    Language students at F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg, Germany

    The language courses at our language school are taken by pupils, students and professionals, but are also just as popular among people who wish to learn a language out of cultural interest alone. Learning German at the F+U Heidelberg language school is an unforgettable experience!

    F+U Academy of Languages is a recognised test centre for the most important language exams worlwide:

    In Kooperation mit IF2

    F+U Teneriffa

    In Kooperation mit
    dem Slawischen
    Institut der Uni

    In Kooperation mit
    dem Konfuzius
    Institut Heidelberg


    Corsi di tedesco alla scuola di lingue F+U Heidelberg (Germania - Baden Württemberg)


    Cursos de alemán en la escuela de idiomas F+U Heidelberg (Alemania - Baden Württemberg)


    Cours d’allemand à l'école de langues de F+U Heidelberg ( Allemagne- Baden Württemberg)


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