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Talk with the Tunisian Minister of Education, Strengthening Cooperation with Tunisia


On March 7, 2017, Karl-Heinz Rippel, Head of F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg, and Karl-Heinz Wieland, in charge of the Erasmus+ programme at F+U Academy of Languages, met Tunisian Minister of Education, Mr Neji Jalloul, in Tunis to discuss the development of their cooperation.

The talk, which took place in a friendly atmosphere, was also attended by Adel Jarboui, head of the department for international cooperation in education and research, and Mondher Dhouib, director of the department of secondary education, as well as other officals of the ministry.

Topic of the talk was the establishment of a new exam centre for German as a Foreign Language in the Tunisian capital and of a continuing-education centre for business-related professions. The attendees also discussed further developing the cooperation between F+U Academy of Languages and the Tunisian Ministry of Education by establishing a professional development programme for Tunisian secondary teachers of German as a Foreign Language in Heidelberg.

The representatives of the Tunisian Ministry of Education also expressed great interest in the dual study programmes of the HWTK – University of Applied Sciences and the University of Cooperative Education (iba), which are both a part of the F+U group of companies. “Both iba’s and hwtk’s dual study programmes are a great opportunity for international students as they offer a highly efficient training system that is well-respected throughout the world and tailored to the needs of companies,” says Karl-Heinz Rippel. “Due to the rising skills shortage in the German labour market, there is an increasing demand among German companies for well-trained university graduates. At hwtk and iba, international students are being optimally prepared for the German labour market, which will enable them to contribute to stabilizing the German economy.”

Great interest in these issues was also evinced by the Tunisian media. Apart from an official post on the Ministyry of Education’s Facebook page which was published on the same day, Mr Wieland was also interviewed by Tunisian radio station RTCI on their German-speaking programme.

The trip to Tunisia, which lasted several days, also included visits by Mr Wieland to elite secondary schools throughout the country to present F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg’s diverse educational programmes.

F+U Academy of Languages hopes to further develop business relations with Tunisia and its longstanding Tunisian partner Access, and is looking forward to deepening the cooperation.


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