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Last week, the summer courses for our juniors started.


The children at the ages of 6 to 15 are from all around the world: Spain, Italy, USA, Mexico, Russia, China, Rumania, Great Britain, Georgia, Lithuania… the list is long!

After one week, we were able to gather some first impressions by the students – here are some of them:

“The students in my class are from all around the world. We can only understand each other when talking German. I think that’s great. This way we can learn better and quicker. The school is great.”

“We had a very good teacher. The students behaved well and everyone has learned a lot.”

“My teacher was great! I have learned a lot in my German class.”

“The class and the afternoon activities are fun. F+U Academy is a great place to learn German.”

Not only the morning German classes started last week, but also the afternoon activities.
On Monday, with about 30 children we walked through the historic district of Heidelberg all the way to the Old Bridge at temperatures of about 36°C. After that, we walked along the Neckar to a water playground. Because of the heat and the sun which shone constantly, the children enjoyed the freezing water and some ice-cream a lot and the "exhausting" way to the playground was forgotten in an instant.
On Tuesday, we went on a boat trip while the weather kept being extremely hot. During the 3 hour trip, the juniors were able to enjoy Heidelbergs beautiful environment, refresh themselves with some ice cream and play some Memory or Ludo.
On the following day, the weather cooled down significantly to only 25°C. We walked to an interactive mathematics exposition at the Karlstor in Heidelberg. There, the children were given a tour and were able to explore the exciting connections between our planet and the world of mathematics by watching small experiments.
Then on Wednesday, the temperatures cooled down even further to just above 20°C which is why we did not go to an outdoor pool as initially planned, but to a lawn by the river. As we arrived, the children did not even notice the mild weather - by playing football, ping-pong and tag, they got quite warm.
On Friday, it was time to go to the Heidelberg zoo. Apart from elephants and giraffes, the children were able to watch monkeys and zebras, plus they could even stroke little goats.
On Saturday, it was eventually time to go to the outdoor pool. As the temperatures went up again, the children could jump into the cold water and play.


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