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The new premium courses enable the students at F+U a faster, more efficient training. In addition, the F+U Academy guarantees a certain success in the preparation courses for both the TestDaF and the DSH exam. There never is a lack of innovative ideas in order to guarantee the best training for the students.

Karim, Tunisia


Our daughter made new friends very quickly and enjoyed the lessons very much. We were very impressed with her progress within just two short weeks. The teaching material and the class size were both very good. Her teachers were friendly and professional. Our daughter also enjoyed enormously the after-school activities, which were fun and well thought-out. Thank you very much!



Joe L. (father of Amie, junior student)

A good language school in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The language courses at F+U Academy of Languages in Heidelberg offer a good opportunity to learn the German language in a modern way. The variety of different language courses and other well-organized preparation courses for the TestDaF or DSH exam and a good atmosphere in class with helpful teachers who make you feel comfortable, enable not only a good progress of every student's language skills, but also strenghten the feeling of belonging over here.






A language school in the most beautiful city of Germany, F+U Heidelberg...


At first I was here for the summer. I had to pass a B2 German exam as quickly as possible in order to apply for a job as assistent doctor in Germany. I started at level A2. At first I lived in a hall of residence and then with a very nice host family (I'm still in touch with them). I went to class for 2.5 months (and to the great activities at school of course) and during the last month I had private lessons in addition. I had the feeling that I was learning really fast and effectively. I was here without a visa which is why I had to go back the Turkey after 3 months. Back in my homecountry I did the B2 TELC exam. How was it possible for me to pass the B2 exam after only 2.5 months? It was unbelievable. In the last week before the exam, I messaged my two teachers and told them about the exam and they encouraged me and gave me great advice. They were right and I really did pass the exam. After the exam, the examiner asked me how long I had been in Germany. When I answered, they were amazed and said "You talk like you've lived there for at least a year."

When I got my visa, I came back to Heidelberg. This time, I didn't need a certificate, but I only had to speak fluently and apply for a job. First, I went to a B2 course. I had two job interviews and got a positive answer for both. One was in psychosomatics, the other in psychiatry. I opted for the latter. By now I've been working there for two months. After the first month, I asked for two weeks of holidays because it was still summer. Maybe it was crazy, but I went back to join my old group which still existed and was C1 level by then. I wanted to learn more (and actually, it's just a lot of fun to be here). For the psychiatry, it is highly important to know typcial expressions and the subtleties of language etc. After my holiday, two of my colleagues asked me why my German had improved. Was that possible after two weeks?
I heartly recommend you to go to F+U. You can be certain that you won't regret it. Have fun!



Gökçe 23, Turkey

Hello, my name is Yara. I'm from Monterrey, Mexico. I'm 36 years old. I have been to F+U four times now. The courses I attended are for example German B2, a little bit of C1 and Conversation. F+U has a variety of courses and activities where you can learn German as well as other languages. Every afternoon, you can join different activites like a grammar course, conversation, courses on different food (Japanese, Chinese etc.) and a variety of trips. At the weekend, you can go on trips to cities with other stundents. I really like F+U, because I can get to know people from other cultures. The teachers and staff are very friendly, too. Heidelberg is a beautyful town with a beautyful castle and a beautiful river. F+U is the best option to learn German!


Yara, 36, Mexiko

When I first came to F+U, I did a test that showed what level my German was. Upon this I was advised to go to a B1+ Intensive course. The course was interesting and insightful. In my group there were lots of people from different countries and every day I learned a lot of things, not only about Germany. After three months I went to a different course, the DSH preparation course. In this course you have to learn a lot, because this is the part that matters the most. In the beginning, it was very hard to do the DSH tasks, but after a while we were able to do it without making any mistakes! The result - after three months of DSH preparation course I received DSH-3 and I am very happy about it. The course does not only depent on the teacher, but also on how much motivation and dedication you show and how studious you are. The teachers at F+U are very intelligent and they teach like no one selse.


Vadim, 18, Ukraine

I'm Zidan, I'm from Israel and I live in Heidelberg. I came to Germany to study medicine.
I enroled at F+U school in order to learn German. There, you receive good lectures for the German language.
There are different levels of German you are being assigned to. I really like the place of the school. It is located right next to the river Neckar.

You can learn a lot about new people and other cultures there. I've made lots of experiences here. F+U offers trips for students every week. This enables us to talk to other students in German. Every student receives a schedule for their lessons at school as well as the dates for the exams you need for the application at university like DSH or TestDaF.


Zidan, Israel

Our children, aged 10 and 8, have been attending German language classes at FUU for a week and a half now. They started from level 0 and they speak neither English, nor German. Nevertheless, they liked the lessons and the teacher from the first day, they go to classes with pleasure and every day after classes they talk about the interesting thing that they have done and what they have learnt. The afternoon leisure activities are also interesting and different every day.


Yana and Anguel, Bulgaria

Je m'appelle Julia, j'ai 21 ans et je viens de Suisse. J´ai été étudiante durant un mois à F+U, maintenant j´y travaille et continue les cours du soir. C'est une école vraiment chouette, les professeurs sont très gentils et on y apprend très bien. Des activités aux quelles tu peux t'inscrire, sont aussi organisées chaque jour afin de faire connaissance et découvrir la ville où tu étudies. C´est super de pouvoir rencontrer de nouvelles personnes de différents pays et cultures differentes !


Julia, 21, Switzerland

Bonjour, Je m’appelle Cynthia, j'ai 20 ans et j'habite en Suisse. Actuellement, je suis en filière "International Business Management" à l'université à Genève.
En septembre 2013, j'ai effectué un stage professionnelle en Allemagne de 8 mois. Afin de faciliter ma communication avec mes collègues et surtout d'améliorer mon allemand , j'ai décidée de m'inscrire au cours de langue du soir de la "F+U Academy" à Heidelberg.

connaissances. Auparavant, j'avais étudié l'allemand en suisse pendant 9 ans, mais j'ai tellement appris et progressé pendant ces 8 mois.
L’expérience fut très enrichissante, même si les débuts n'étaient pas facile; entendre une langue étrangère tout au long de la journée demande beaucoup de concentration. Mon conseil aux nouveaux élèves seraient de ne pas paniquer et surtout d'être à l'écoute durant leurs premières semaines.


Cynthia, 20, Switzerland

On behalf both of my sons Hutomo & Alvin, I would sincerely thank the school. Hutomo was enrolled in the school for 6 months in 2013 and Alvin taking only 2 weeks courses during his holiday in July 2015. Alvin was not confident to speak Germany language before he went to Heidelberg for the course even though he has been taking a short course for 2 years back home in Jakarta. After 2 weeks at F+U, he was confident to speak and continue his study there.The homestay mother Mrs. M. is also very friendly and helps him to understand the culture and guide him. The support from all the team at the school arranging his airport pick up, accommodation are very helpful, well managed and friendly. As a mother, I was not worried much even though this was his first trip to overseas by himself.Once again, thank you and please help me to arrange the same thing for my youngest son next June 2016.


Novita L. (mother of Alvin and Hutomo), Indonesia

We are from Turkey . I think FUU is the right address to learn German . My son is very happy to be here . Staff is very helpful , and always ready to reply demands and questions . The residence is close to FU , everythink is ok .


Cemile O., Turkey

My name is Nur Edin El-Ali, I'm 20 years old. When I came to Germany, I didn't know any German at all. Then I went to a German course at the F+U language school from Novermber 2012 until June 2013. I had a beautiful teacher called Monika who helped me a lot and looked after me. Finally, I'd like to say that I was satisfied with the course and that I'd love to come back in the future and go to more courses.


Nur-Edin, 20, Syria

I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for me during my time here in Germany. It is a wonderful place and I have learned a lot about the language and the grammar. I have no doubt I will be fluently speaking in another could of months. Thank You once again. Your the best.



Bonjour, je m'appelle Naoures, 20 ans, d'origine tunisienne. Titulaire d'un baccalauréat, j'avais décidé de poursuivre mes études en Allemagne ; Pour cela il fallait tout d'abord franchir la barrière de la langue. Mon choix s'est donc porté sur une école de langue à Heidelberg, à savoir F+U Academy of Languages où j'ai vécu une experience inoubliable tant sur le niveau éducatif que relationnel. J'explique : j'ai réussi, en une année, à obtenir le diplôme allemand d'accès aux etudes universitaire (DSH), et ce grâce aux enseignants compétents qui ont bien su me transmettre leur savoir sur des bases solides, le tout dans une atmosphère detendue parce que F+U met aussi à disposition de ses élèves differentes activités, et excursions : sachant que F+U accueille des élèves de toutes les nationalités, elle offre la chance d'un échange multicultural.”


Naoures, 20, Tunesia

I want to thank the school administration for a very good organization of the course that I have visited in July this year at the F + U Academy of Languages ​​Heidelberg. I loved the city as well as the school. In January next year, I would like to come again for two weeks to attend a preparation course.

German course
28th August 2013


Lyubov, Russia

I especially liked the interculturality in school. My classmates came from many different countries and I could learn a lot about foreign cultures. Even though I was only briefly there, I've found that classmates and especially the teachers were very friendly.

German course
31th October 2013


Nisella, China

During class, not only the classic teaching materials, such as course and workbooks were used, but also current newspaper articles which I liked a lot. In my class, various different nationalities were represented, which I also liked very well. Furthermore there are Junior classes offered in summer - so I was able to improve my German while my son was in the junior course.

German course
26th July 2013


Laura, Scotland

At F+U we attended individual and trio lessons. For that reason we were able to determine the subject of the lessons by ourselves, which we were very pleased with. I would especially recommend this when you have to prepare for a particular exam.

German course
30th August 2013


Ilaria, Italy

I liked my German teachers a lot. They knew how to make the courses more vivid and interesting for the students. The city itself is very beautiful and the weather was always good.

German course
15th July 2013


Oleksandra, Ukraine

"I would like to express my gratitude for my pleasant stay at the FU academy.

The classes and the activities in the academy were organized following the traditions of the best world educational practices.

The attitude of the entire team from the FU academy and especially of Mr. Matthias Brandelik won me for your student next year again. He is a great professionalist who was able to maintain the interest of all his students in class and made us set up higher goals. His classes were never boring and the new lessons were explained with a great precision and attention to every detail. Mr. Brandelik motivated us in learning harder and he had an individual approach to each of us. He developed our talents and unique qualities as well as he encouraged us in team working and cooperation towards our common goal. He enriched our knowledge in German, through careful selected activities and stimulating projects. During the my 4 weeks in his class I developed my reading, writing, comprehension skills and grammar in German, which will give me an educational advantage for the future. I feel very happy and satisfied that I spent one month under the guidance of Mr. Brandelik who was concerned, understanding and respectful for each student in our class, regardless of our age.

I left with incredible positive impression by the bulgarian teacher in FU - Daneva too. The conversations with her and her genuine friendliness has helped us to adapt more easily to our new lifestyle. She has a great approach to children and Kalina (my 7 year old daughter) felt safe and understood in her company. For the children, who come to study German language for first time in the academy, it is very difficult to adapt to the new and unfamiliar environment. It is very important their teacher to care not only about the new lessons, but also about the way children feel. If they don't feel comfortable and understood with their teacher, the chances for the kids to be focused and interested in learning new things, are decreasing. Kalina felt confident and relaxed and immediately showed improvement in her behavior in class, right after the careful discussions with Miss Daneva.

Thank you for the wonderful time and your understanding. I hope to see you next year!"



Theresa Kouroumbasheva
German course at F+U

My name is Johan and I come from france. I came to Heidelberg in September and wanted to study German and English. I live in a student residence called Concordia. I am happy to be here, because I met a lot of people from many different countries. I enjoy discovering new cultures. With these new people I have to speak German or English, which is a good training for me.
At F+U I learn German and English intensively. Now I can talk to an American friend of mine without any communication problems.
Heidelberg is a very nice town. Its castle is worth seeing. I also visited a lot of museums. The cultural activities in the town are a lot. The streets are very lively with all those musicians. I like Heidelberg, there is a lot of students here. In the evening it will never get boring. There is also many shops, especially in the Hauptstraße, which is the main street. There is also many discos with different styles of music. During the summer one can walk to the mountains, which I also really enjoy. I can affirm that Heidelberg is a very beautiful town. I am happy to learn here.


Johan, France
German course at F+U Heidelberg

I came to Heidelberg on August 23rd. On that date a wonderful time begun.
My time in Heidelberg was so fantastic, because Heidelberg is so beautiful. You know the song "Ich habe mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren" - I lost my heart in Heidelberg - that's true! Anybody would loose his heart in Heidelberg! There are so many beautiful landscapes, the old town, the old buildings and so many pretty girls!
My time in Heidelberg was so fantastic, because Heidelberg is so friendly. People are always keen to help. Everything was strange to me at the beginning, but I got used to it very quickly!
My time in Heidelberg was so fantastic, because I could improve my German knowledge very fast. I took a course at F+U. It lasted only two months, but I learned a lot! The teachers are very funny, I always had to laugh!
My time in Heidelberg was so fantastic, so that I would have loved to spend more time here! But it is not possible. I have to leave now this beautiful city. So long Heidelberg, Barbara, Teetje and dear Hefeweizen with banana juice! I will miss you!




Max(GUO Yu), China
German course

I came to Heidelberg two months ago and I will stay three months more. I was afraid of this new experience - I never left home. But now I can say that I will never forget it! I am 18 years old and I have learned German for two years. I would like to become an interpreter, therefore I chose to come to Germany. First I chose to stay at a host family, but this was not a good idea; we did not get along with each other and I moved in a student residence, where I am very happy. The atmosphere is comfortable and I have to possibility to meet new friends. Here at F+U there are a lot of French-speaking students. We try not to speak French with each other, but German. Through the school I met a lot of people, the students in the class come from all over the world: Turkey, Spain, Italy etc.. We have to speak German to understand each other. Surely we make mistakes, but we get besser day by day. Also, the school organizes a lot of activities and excursions and we get to know better Heidelberg and surroundings.
I feel like I want to go to the University here in Heidelberg. Maybe I will do this. I like the kind of life here. There is a lot of things you can do everyday.
This will be an unfortgettable experience for the rest of my life!


Sophie de Streel, Belgium
German course

During August, 6 of our students and me myself visited your school and your beautiful town.
I cannot express all my wonderful impressions.
I simply don't know what to say. The quality and professionalism I experienced in your school was amazing.
In addition, Heidelberg is an unforgettable town and is really very romantic. I enjoyed every day in your beautiful country.
Especailly I was impressed by kindness and culture of German people. I recommend your school every time I talk about my experience with schools abroad. I hope, that next year we will have much more students and that we will improve our cooperation.


Snezana Jovanovska
Challenge School Macedonia

Since September 2008 I am in apprenticeship for becoming an European executive secretary. Because I am attending in parallel a special course of studies, which will take me to the graduation “Higher National Diploma”, the apprenticeship is quite sophisticated. I like the way of education very much. Our language teachers are all native speakers, whereby an effectively learning is ensured.


Eva-Maria König
In training to become European executive secretary

I came to Heidelberg in order to learn German. I am pleased with the language teaching, my teachers and classmates are nice. I like the city of Heidelberg very much. After my training here I want to study political science.


Natacha de Hepcée, Belgium
German course

I am learning German as foreign language here at the F&U Heidelberg for about 2 weeks. I like the language teaching, especially the teaching methods. By taking part in the leisure activities I still got to know some places of interest. I like the old part of Heidelberg very much. If later would come the offer to work in Germany, maybe I would like to work here.


Jaroslav Benetka, Czech Rebublic
German course

I used to study German at a Japanese University but I didn’t manage to learn how to speak right. That’s why I quit my job and come to Germany. I wanted to learn properly to speak German, then I chose to stay at a host family. The family members are really nice, it was the right decision! The teacher in my German course is also very nice, I’m really happy about everything! If one intends to take a German course, I would reccommend him to take part at the leisure activities that the schools organise.


Rie Kawasaki, Japan
German course

I came to Heidelberg on July 5th with the intention to improve my German skills. I have to speak German well, because my boss is German and I work with him everyday. Unfortunately I had to stay only one week. In Heidelberg I went for long walks through the main street with its diverse shops and restaurants and the old town, I visited the castle and its garden (I like it very much!) and the Old Bridge. I really love Heidelberg. The school was also excellent, the teacher was very nice and worked professionally and this was very important in learning German. Only the weather was bad, but in all in all I really enjoyed my staying in Heidelberg


Valeria Crigali, Italy
German course at F+U Heidelberg

I spent a wonderful time here! I learned a lot of German, met a lot of people and had a lot of fun! My teacher was very nice, each lesson was interesting. The books are good and my schoolmates nice. My host family was friendly, my host mother cooked tasty meals and spoke to me a lot. The free-time activities at school took place every day and were very lively, I had something to do every day. Heidelberg is a beautiful city and I am really grateful that I could spend here 4 months. I hope to come back soon!


Cristina Bazán Gómez, Mexico
German course at F+U Heidelberg

It is summer again and I am again in Germany. This time I chose Heidelberg. The Old Town is very nice, I love to go walking along the Neckar. Of course I have also visited the castle, which is stunning! I am also so happy that my German course is very good and that my teacher is nice and patient! I met plenty of new friends here. In our class we do not only make excercises, but we also have a lot of fun and no stress! I have learned German here only one and a half month, but I have the feeling that my German has never been so good. I have to thank my teacher. I intend to start the university in Hamburg. Everybody has a dream, I have one too. I hope to study in Germany and work a little bit here, and the go back to China and maybe work there for a German company.


Cai Ting, China
German course at F+U Heidelberg

Before I came to Heidelberg I had only bad experiences with German. My goal was to start over. Of course I also hoped to improve my German. Since I have reached Heidelberg I have only met nice people. First of all my host family. My host mother and I got along very well. She has made a lot of things with me, even if she did not have to. She dedicated a lot of time to me and took care of me, almost like a daughter! I felt at home with her. I also feared the lessons. I took the test and they placed me in level B2, which made me shiver. But fortunately I had a wonderful teacher. We worked without stress in the classroom, even though we learned a lot! I was surprised, how funny it is to learn German!


Jana Pascenkova, Czech Republic
German course at F+U Heidelberg


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