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Integration courses at F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg


Content and procedure

The federal integration course consists of a language course. After a total of 660 hours, a graded language exam and the "Life in Germany" test will be carried out. The objective of the 600 hours language course is for the participants to learn German. It comprises a basic language course and a follow-on course of 300 hours each, which are composed of 3 modules of 100 hours each. As part of the language course, participants will learn about everyday life, including such topics as shopping and living, health, job and profession. Furthermore, they will learn how to write letters and e-mails in German, complete forms and apply for a job.

Course providers are obliged to carry out an assessment test first. The result will help determine which course module you should begin with. With consent of the course provider, each participant is allowed to change, skip or repeat levels at the beginning of a new course section. At the end of the integration course, a final exam consisting of two parts will take place. The first part enables you to attain the "Zertifikat Deutsch", a recognized language certificate, if you pass an oral and a written language exam. The second part will test your knowledge attained in the orientation course. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees will provide you with a certification and the results of your exam.
*In case you have already attended such a course and failed to pass it, you may repeat the course with a reduced number of hours (300) and the language exam.



In order to participate in the integration course, you will have to pay a contribution to costs of EUR 1.95 per lesson to the course provider. Before the beginning of the course, the amount will have to be paid for every course section of 100 lessons (EUR 195). The one-time final exam is free. According to section 17 subs. 3 sentence 2 IntV it is possible to re-sit the final exam once free of charge.

You may be exempted from contributing to the costs, if you or your relative financially supporting you is receiving unemployment benefit II (Arbeitslosengeld II) or social assistance (Sozialhilfe). All the other participants may apply for exemption from the costs if they find it particularly hard to pay because of their financial or personal situation. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees will check if this applies to you.

A written application for the exemption from the costs is required and must be sent to the Federal Office's regional office which is responsible for you. Please file your application when you register for the course at the latest. You will get the forms and applications from your course provider or the immigration authority.

If you receive unemployment benefit II and are obliged by a provider of basic benefits to participate in an integration course - either directly or by means of an integration agreement - or are exempted from the costs by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, you will be reimbursed for your travel expenses. This is conditional on your attending on a regular basis; also, an application is needed. Participants not receiving unemployment benefit II but who are obliged by the immigration authority to participate are entitled to allowance.

Ethnic German resettlers are exempted from the costs: they are legally entitled to a free integration course. Also, ethnic German resettlers and their spouses or children who were admitted into or came to Germany before 01 January 2005, are exempted from the costs. They may participate in an integration course free of charge, provided they have not yet attended a language course organised by the Federal Agency for Employment (SGB III course).

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