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    TestAS and onDaF: F+U Heidelberg recognised test centre

    TestAS - Test for Academic Studies

    F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg - recognised test centre for TestAS exam.

    Exam dates:

    • Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 (Registration period: November 07th, 2016 - January 16th, 2017),
    • Saturday, April 22rd, 2017 (Registration period: January 23, 2017 - March 13th, 2017),
    • Saturday, October 28th, 2017 (Registration period: June 5, 2017 - September 11th, 2017),

    Since 2015 there has been an examination fee of € 80 for TestAS.


    TestAS for Refugees:

    • Saturday, January 21st, 2017 (Application period: November 1st, 2016 - January 4th, 2017. Registration only on https://refugees.testas.de/)
    • Saturday, April 8th, 2017
    • Wednesday, May 10th, 2017
    • Saturday, June 24th, 2017

    Click here for our flyer (in German)


    You can get enroled online on direct at the F+U Academy of Languages or on the TestAS website. There you will be asked for a TAN number which you will receive after finishing the enrolment and payment in the test centre. Having received the TAN number please do the final registration within the application period on the TestAS Candidate Portal.

    Information about TestAS

    TestAS is a central standardised scholastic aptitude test which measures intellectual abilities particularly important for university studies.
    TestAS is intended for study applicants from non-EU countries planning to do undergraduate studies at German universities.

    The benefits of TestAS

    - The university can select the candidates who best fulfil the requirements for a subject.
    - Test takers get to know the typical requirements of the subject they want to study.
    - The TestAS result enables applicants to realistically assess their chances of successfully completing their studies at a German university.

    TestAS is conducted in German and English. Upon registration, test takers select the language which they are most familiar with.

    Structure of TestAS

    - Language Screening: This language test measures general language skills in German or English. It takes about 30 minutes and consists of six texts. You are required to fill in the gaps online.

    - Core Test: The Core Test measures cognitive abilities required for successful studies in all academic courses. It takes 103 minutes and consists of four subtests:
    a) Solving Quantitative Problems
    b) Inferring Relations
    c) Completing Patterns
    d) Continuing Numerical Series

    - Subject-Specific Test Modules
    These tests measure cognitive abilities required for successful studies in selected areas of study. As of now, test modules have been developed for four areas of study:
    1) Economics Module
    2) Analysing Processes
    3) Engineering Module
    4) Formalising Technical Interrelationships
    5) Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences Module
    6) Understanding and Interpreting Texts
    7) Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences Module
    8) Analysing Scientific Interrelationships

    The Core Test and the Subject-Specific Test Modules are paper-based tests in multiple choice format. The test takers are to mark the correct answer on answer sheets which are evaluated automatically in the TestDaF Institute.

    Detailled information on www.testas.de


    onDaF - Onlinetest Deutsch als Fremdsprache

    F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg - recognised test centre for onDaF.

    Requirements: none
    Exam dates 2017: 14.01., 11.02., 11.03., 08.04., 13.05., 10.06., 08.07., 12.08., 09.09., 07.10., 11.11., 16.12.
    Application: Online on www.ondaf.de - no later than 3 days prior to the exam date.
    Exam fee: € 30

    What is onDaF?

    onDaF is the online placement test of German as a foreign language. This test has been developed by the TestDaF Institute. It is a specially constructed gap-filling test which operates exclusively via the Internet. You register online for the test, book a test date online, take the test at a licensed test centre under the supervision of the examination staff, and directly receive your result at the end of the test.

    onDaF measures your general knowledge of the German language. If you have already learned a little German and simply would like to know how well you speak German, onDaF will give you a rapid result. If you would like to know which is the best language course for you or if you want to apply to the DAAD to study in Germany, onDaF will give you the reliable information that you need. In every case, you receive a certificate directly after the language test, which shows your result.

    Detailed information at www.ondaf.de


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