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Summer classes 2013 at F+U Academy of Languages


– more than 2,000 participants from all over the world hosted in Heidelberg.

In addition to an attractive offer of summer classes, one of the largest language schools in Germany is offering a broad selection of cultural programs and official language certification exams.

The Academy of Languages (AOL) usually receives the most participants of the year in July and August. In 2013, around 1,100 language students per month attended the AOL, located at the center of the world-famous university city of Heidelberg. The students' goals: to improve their proficiency in German (ca. 600 students), English (ca. 220), or other (non-)European languages (ca. 100), and/or to turn in official languages tests such as TOEFL, TestDaF, TELC (ca. 250) to certified institutions. This week, faces from around the world could be seen in the hallways of the AOL, mostly young people conversing in all kinds of languages. They don't only speak to others of the same nationality, but also seek connections with those of different nationalities, trying out their new language skills. They agree to meet after class one evening or on the weekend.

In order to give structure to these various goings-on, the AOL offers a daily program for leisure activities: city tours, international get-togethers, a chess seminar, pronunciation training, sports at the Neckar River and an accompanied excursion to Heidelberg's surrounding areas on the weekend– just a few of the offers which allow students to familiarize themselves with German culture, language, and daily life. Some of the most popular events took place this past July, and included a barbecue at the Neckar with 64, an excursion to Strasbourg with 48, and the Brezelfest in Speyer with 48 participants.

In the context of opportunities outside the classroom, the AOL also cultivates a special relationship to Japan and China, offering students from these countries the opportunity to organize cultural activities with support from the Japan or China Center at the AOL, for example the Japanese Summer Festival from August 6 – 8. During these days, over 100 participants attended a Japanese film night, an origami and a kimono class, as well as a seminar on Japan. One classroom was turned into the F+U Café, where Japanese specialties were offered. Guests from outside, as well as teachers and employees from administration were also there to grab a bite to eat. Summer is over. The hallways have gotten calmer. You can still see many faces around, as new students arrive each week and others are preparing for their return home. All of them surely bring one thing with them: after their course at the Academy of Languages they understand more about languages, which unite people and thrive in their daily lives.



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