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Professional Development Seminar for German Teachers from Tunisia


From April 10 to April 15, F+U Academy of Languages welcomed a new group of 20 Tunisian teachers of German at our school in Heidelberg, where they attended a one-week professional development seminar.

During their stay, the teachers attended workshops on topics relevant to teaching the German language, such as didactics, language testing, or the use of media in class. Some of these workshops also dealt with the importance of non-verbal teaching using gestures and facial expressions. Thus, Thomas Hübner, who led the training, demonstrated how easy it is for people of different origins to communicate without words, and theatre pedagogue Angelina Haug explained how essential body and voice are for a professional demeanour in class. Following the workshops sessions, attendants had the opportunity to work-shadow in F+U Academy of Languages’s German classes.

The mix of theoretical and practical training was well received by our Tunisian guests. “I was able to learn a lot about new teaching methods during workshops and work-shadowing, and that is exactly what I came here for,” says attendee Leila Siai. Asma Khechine, another German teacher from Tunisia, agrees: “It was great we were such a varied group. The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed, people were actively participating. It was also great to see how well-organized the seminar was.”

F+U Academy of Languages also organized a diverse leisure and cultural programme in which our guests toured the cities of Heidelberg and Mannheim. The programme was concluded by a Tunisian evening with traditional clothes and music. Academy director Karl-Heinz Rippel handed out the participants’ certificates, praising their strong commitment and motivation. We wish our guests from Tunisia the best of success implementing their new skills in their teaching, and hope that we’ll meet again someday soon!

Started in 2013, the professional development programme for Tunisian teachers of German is organized by the Tunisian-German Society for Cultural Exchange (TDK) in cooperation with F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg and the Tunisian agency Access. As of this year, the Tunisian Ministry of Education has joined the programme, which offers professional development training to selected stipendiaries every year.

Learn more about our German-Tunisian collaboration on the Tunisia Centre’s website.


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