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Newsletter October 2016


Dear Partner,

F+U Academy of Languages has a number of exciting news for you this fall – our first StudyTravel Star Award, F+U Academy of Languages Berlin’s move to new premises, and our new F+U Boarding School for minor students in Heidelberg. We’re also taking a look back on a successful summer with our eight-week Junior Programme and the very first graduates of our four-language vocational training for Multilingual Correspondence Clerks. Learn this and more in this newsletter – enjoy!

Karl-Heinz Rippel
Head of the Academy


In this newsletter:



F+U Academy of Languages Distinguished as ST Star German Language School 2016 and Receives iStudy Award

F+U Academy of Languages has been awarded the StudyTravel Star Award as ST Star German Language School 2016 on September 3rd, 2016, in London. Started in 2006 by StudyTravel Ltd., publisher of the ST Magazine, the StudyTravel Awards are the most influential awards in the study travel industry, in which agencies and education providers from all over the world vote for their preferred partners to determine those who distinguish themselves through the broad range of their programmes, the outstanding quality of their services and their special commitment to customers and partners.

Thus, the ST Star Award 2016 is an acknowledgement of F+U Academy of Languages’ work by its international agency partners. “Recognition by agencies is the foundation for our success,” says Karl-Heinz Rippel, Director of F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg. “Without our agency partners, we would never have gone from a small local school to one of Europe’s largest language providers.” F+U Academy of Languages therefore says “Thank you” with all its heart to all agencies for their support and valuable co-operation over so many years!

“I was positively overwhelmed, happy and proud to be accepting this award for our team,” says Rebecca Kunert-Olgac, marketing manager, who represented F+U Academy of Languages at the awards ceremony in London. “This award is a special honour and a true reward for our strong performance.”

As Karl-Heinz Rippel points out, numerous people both in F+U Academy of Languages’ diverse locations and inside the wider F+U group of companies have contributed to this success. “I would like to thank all members of staff at F+U Academy of Languages, our management and the members of staff of so many other departments in the F+U group of companies for collaborating so excellently.”

Lars-Christian Klinnert, Director of F+U Academy of Languages Berlin, perceives the ST Star Award as an encouragement to continue performing above the ordinary in the future: “This prize is dedicated to all those who contributed to our success and will be an incentive to improve and develop all our services and offers even further.”

Aside from the ST Star Award, F+U Academy of Languages has also been awarded the iStudy Award as World Language School of the Year – Germany by the iStudy Guide this year. The iStudy Award is given annually to universities and organizations who provide above-average support to young people wishing to study or work abroad. The awarded institutions do not only assist with language acquisition but also help with organization or administrative challenges on-site.

2016 – an absolutely successful year!


Our “New“ Berlin Language School

In the past three years, the F+U Academy of Languages Berlin has grown both in quality and size. While other language schools have had to downsize or even go out of business, we have been able to expand our competences, especially in the fields of preparatory and professional German courses and in-house trainings for businesses and public authorities. Our test centre has also noted a significant increase for TOEFL, TELC, and TestDaF bookings (other exams such as onDaF, TestAS, and ECDL are in preparation).

As of August 2016, you can find us in the heritage-protected "Haus Friedrichstadt" (Friedrichstrasse 194-199, 10117 Berlin). We are still located in Berlin’s highly attractive and conveniently situated downtown area, and can offer group and individual tuition as well as examinations and workshops in our 17-20 classrooms on over 1,000 square metres – under the same roof and completely wheelchair-accessible.

Our classrooms are bright and modern. Wi-Fi is available throughout the facility. A media room and a computer lab (starting October 2016) are available as well. Our library, homework room and student lounge, cozy hang-out areas and vending machines offer all our participants an island of calm and comfort in Berlin’s exclusive, busy center. The city’s most famous sites are easily reachable on foot: Checkpoint Charlie, Gendarmenmarkt, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Museum Island, Potsdamer Platz. Also, cafes, food trucks, cafeterias, and restaurants are in close proximity to school.

We invite everyone who's interested to visit us (business hours). Everyone else can enjoy these photos for now. Check back on a regular basis, more photos are being added to the folder.

For any questions feel free to contact us any time: languages.berlin@fuu.de



New Boarding School for Minor Students in Heidelberg

Starting now, F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg offers a boarding school to accommodate minor students, thus giving students aged 16 to 18 the opportunity to attend a language course without being accompanied by their parents.

F+U Boarding School provides its residents with intensive supervision and support by pedagogically trained staff geared towards the particular needs of minor students. Supervision includes full board, a 24-hour emergency call, psychological support, accompaniment to appointments with authorities, placement in sports clubs and music schools as well as leisure activities. Supervisors also help residents organize their daily schedules, e.g. joint preparation of meals and homework and are always on hand as a contact person on-site.

F+U Boarding School is located on the newly-built F+U Educational Campus in the vicinity of Heidelberg Main Station with excellent access to public transport.

F+U Academy of Languages, which is situated in the city centre, can be reached in a matter of 10 minuntes by bus or train.

F+U Boarding School residents are accommodated in spacious, modern twin rooms equipped with internet access and en-suite shower and toilet. The F+U Educational Campus offers a refectory, kiosk, lounge, study and community rooms, a library, gyms and laundry – all of which can be used by boarding school residents.

As a non-profit education provider, F+U group of companies offers boarding school residents numerous opportunities of continuing their education beyong their language course. Depending on age and qualification, learners can attend general-education secondary schools, vocational schools, the International University of Cooperative Education (iba) and the University of Applied Sciences for Business, Technology and Culture (HWTK).

Learn more about F+U Boarding School in our 2017 brochure (pdf). For further questions, contact languages@fuu.de.


A Summer of Learning and Fun: The 2016 German and English Junior Courses at F+U Academy of Languages

F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg is looking back on a successful Junior Programme in 2016. With a total of 230 participants spending one or more weeks at our language school in Heidelberg in July and August, we were lucky to welcome children and teenagers from almost 40 nations, among them Italy, China, Venezuela, France, the United States, Azerbaijan and South Korea.

Since 2007, F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg has been offering this summer programme with daily German and English classes in international groups, attracting children and teenagers between the ages of 6 through 15 from all over the world. Lessons are held by experienced teaching staff and complemented by exciting leisure and sports activities in the afternoons. The programme also offers lunch at school as well as accompaniment to and from school for younger children. Host families are available for juniors aged 12 or older, and F+U Academy of Languages is also able to provide accommodation in apartments for families who wish to accompany their children to Heidelberg.

As every year, the 2016 leisure and sports programme for juniors included numerous activities ranging from origami and calligraphy classes to kickboxing and yoga in the F+U gym to playing games on the Neckar river bank, which is a popular leisure ground for Heidelbergers. There were also excursions to the zoo, to Heidelberg and Schwetzingen castles, a falconry and weekly trips to the swimming pool. On the last day of the Junior Programme, everybody went to the water playground on the Neckar to refresh themselves in the summer heat and get a big scoop of ice cream.

Moreover, forty young learners from Algeria aged 8 to 15 attended a one-week German course. For almost all of them, it was their first stay in Germany.

Every week, we asked our juniors to draw or write feedbacks on their language course and stay in Heidelberg. Here are some of the best:

Ismail, Saudi Arabia: “The food and activities were great. I’m learning a lot and having fun.”
Sofía, Colombia: “I’m back at F+U, like last year. It was really nice. I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of fun.”
Kamila, Kyrgyzstan: “I love my class. I love my friends and teachers, they’re funny.”
Amadeusz, Poland: „I was in a good class and learned a lot. The activities are super cool. I’ve found many friends and our teacher is great!”

We’re happy our juniors had lots of fun this year and hope to welcome many new children from all countries in 2017!

Learn more about our German and English Junior Programmes on our website or contact languages@fuu.de


New F+U Scholarship - German as a Foreign Language (GFL)

F+U Academy of Languages is part of the non-profit F+U Group, and it is living up to its social responsibilities. Apart from conducting integration and support programs at the Heidelberg school, our Berlin location has founded a novel GFL scholarship programme. In this programme highly qualified learners of German get the chance to participate in our preparatory intensive courses for 12 weeks, with regular attendance and good performance even for 24 weeks. They prepare for the final exam and their academic or professional career.

In Heidelberg we have already had very good experiences with individual support programmes for Syrian refugees.

The costs for the language course are covered by F+U Academy of Languages.

Our first beneficiary, Ibrahim (name changed), a refugee and doctor from Northern Iraq, has been learning German successfully for 13 weeks now. He is currently at level B1 and wants to take the B2 exam as soon as possible in order to attend a specialty programme at Berlin’s Charité Hospital. For the purpose of this programme our school closely cooperates with the Federal Employment Agency.

We asked Ibrahim about his life’s journey and his experiences in Berlin.

Dear Ibrahim, we are very happy to have you here! Tell us a little bit more about your personal history, your family background and the reasons for your flight to Europe. How did you end up coming to Berlin?

Hi! I am 41 years old, married, and have two daughters. I'm from Mosul, Iraq.
Armed terrorist groups attacked my city in 2014, and because of government corruption in all areas, including the ministry of defence, the government has not been able to liberate the city until now. Therefore, even though Iraq is quite a rich country, it is not safe to live there. So I decided to come to Germany as a refugee, which was a very expensive and very hard trip, but I made it.

What was your job in your home country and how do you plan to continue your work in Germany? Which level of German, for example, would you need to reach and prove, which exams do you have to pass?

I am a doctor specialised in general surgery (thyroid gland, breast, and abdominal surgery). I finished my academic studies at the medical college at Mosul University in 2000 and then worked as a doctor in Mosul's hospitals. In 2009, I joined the training programme of CABMS (The Council of Arabic Board for The Medical Specialisations) and finished the training in general surgery in 2014.
I have a good chance to work in Germany with my specialty, but first I need to reach the B2 level in German here at F+U Academy of Languages. Then I have to do the C1 level at Charité Hospital. After that I'll get the permission and the approbation to work in Germany.

Having “refugee status” in Berlin sounds like a lot of paper work and many visits to municipal offices. How do you cope with that?

Being a refugee in Berlin, I have had appointments at LAGeSo [Regional Office for Health and Social Affairs] every two months last year. Every time I have to wait in line for 10-14 hours, and at the end they have often postponed me to the next day, and the day after, again and again. 9-10 days of waiting to complete the paperwork.

What do you think about the public debates about refugees and the many crises in the world these days? Do they affect your everyday life at all?

Frankly speaking I am not an expert in politics, but the public debates about refugees and the many crises in the world affect my daily life, of course, because I want to live in peace. I know it is a new situation for Europe, but l just escaped from that terrible life and to find parts of it again in Europe is a bad feeling to me.

You have been at F+U Academy of Languages for 13 weeks now. How do you like the school, your class, its teacher(s) and what do you like most about the city of Berlin? Is there any favourite place you like to visit in the city or its outskirts?

I feel that I am lucky to be here at F+U Academy of Languages. The teaching here is very good and practice-oriented, the people are very nice.
I love Berlin, the people are very friendly here, and the city culture here is close to my city culture at home.

Ibrahim, thanks a lot for this nice chat and good luck with your future undertakings!

More information on our scholarship programme, opportunities for assistance and courses in general under:


First Graduates of the State-Recognized Training for Multilingual Correspondence Clerks

A foreign language training opens up diverse, interesting and, above all, future-proof career prospects. Combining foreign language skills with a business education as a dual qualification is in demand in the job market today.

Since 2004, the state-recognised Vocational College for Foreign Languages of the F + U Academy of Languages Heidelberg has been training students to become Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks, European Secretaries, and based on that, Translators. Since 2014, the training course for Multilingual Correspondence Clerks has been complementing the broad range of F+U Academy of Languages' educational offers. Based on four languages, this training programme has been developed by F+U Academy of Languages to cater to the globalized employment market and is unique in Germany.

After obtaining the state recognition by the Regierungspräsidium, our first students have successfully passed the final state level examinations for Multilingual Correspondence Clerks this August.

The courses are officially recognized for English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian, which can be combined in the following manner:

Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk
• Monolingual (English)
• Bilingual (English + French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or Russian)
• Trilingual (English + French or Spanish + Chinese, Japanese or Russian)

European Secretary (English + French + Spanish)

Multilingual Correspondence Clerk (European Secretary + Chinese, Japanese or Russian)

Translator (English or French or Spanish)

For more information, see here.






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