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Newsletter August 2016


Dear Partners,

the summer at F+U Academy of Languages is absolutely exciting! Almost 1,000 students are attending language courses and tests at our academy in Heidelberg every week. Moreover, we have been awarded the iStudy Global Award as World Language School of the Year – Germany and have been nominated again for the 2016 StudyTravel Star Awards. Last but not least, we’re eagerly watching the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as two of our own students are participating in the competitions! Read the interview with our Tunisian rowing twins and get further information on our award and nomination in this newsletter. Enjoy!

Best regards,

Karl-Heinz Rippel
Director of Academy


In this newsletter:

1. F+U Academy of Languages Nominated for ST Awards, Receives iStudy Award
2. People at F+U – and the Olympic Games: Mohamed and Nour Taieb
3. F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg Visits Japan
4. Indian Football Talents Learn German at F+U Academy of Languages
5. An Extraordinary Experience: Mexican Students Spend One Month in Germany
6. Turkish Students Introduced to Japanese Tea Ceremony




F+U Academy of Languages Nominated for ST Awards, Receives iStudy Award

For the fourth time in a row, F+U Academy of Languages has been nominated as ST Star German Language School for the StudyTravel Star Awards 2016. Moreover, it has received the iStudy Award as World Language School of the Year – Germany by iStudy Guide.

The iStudy Award is given annually to universities and organizations who provide above-average support to young people wishing to study or work abroad. The awarded institutions do not only assist with language acquisition but also help with organization or administrative challenges on-site.
The nomination for the StudyTravel Star Award is a major honor for F+U Academy of Languages. Both the iStudy Award and the StudyTravel Star Awards 2016 nomination are a recognition of F+U Academy of Languages’ work and a motivation to continue creating and developing high-quality language offers.

Our thank-you’s go out to each and everyone who has supported F+U Academy of Languages in so many different ways!




People at F+U – and the Olympic Games: Mohamed und Nour Taieb

At F+U Academy of Languages, there are many students with an exciting story to tell. One of these stories is of the twins Mohamed Taieb and Nour from Tunisia, who did not only come to the F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg to learn German but who are also participating in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August. The two row for the national team of Tunisia and have to practice during their stay in Germany as well. “Fortunately, we can practice on the Neckar river in Heidelberg and get supported by the Heidelberg Rowing Club,” says Mohamed. Instead of the usual 3-4 hours of daily training, Mohamed and Nour can only practice privately in the afternoons, when the language course is over – “but it is worth the stress,” the athlete says. Mohamed started rowing in 2007, after his father had read an article about the Tunisian rowing regatta. Two years later, Nour decided to share her twin brother’s passion on a high level. Both won the African Championships several times and achieved very good places in international competitions while they attended German classes at F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg. They have even participated in the Youth Olympic Games twice – this year, besides the language course, they prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

As Mohamed and Nour have already been learning German in Tunisia and been to Germany before, they attended classes on a B2 level at the F+U Academy of Languages. To be able to study in Germany, Mohamed and Nour passed the TestDaF as well as the DSH exam in June. “It’s not always easy to combine learning and practicing,” reports Nour. But the “Gold Twins”, as they are called in Tunisia, have clearly defined aims they want to achieve.

It is great to see how our students can manage a language course and still pursue their hobby successfully. Outside training, the two get along very well and want to stay together in the future. Their big dream – besides success in rowing – is to start their own business in the field of energy or electrical engineering.

At F+U Academy of Languages, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for Mohamed and Nour for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and wish them all the best for their private and sports career!

Watch a television report on Mohamed an Nour here!


F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg Visits Japan

Recently the direct or of our Japan Centre, Kyoko Neuß, visited 13 agencies in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Tokyo.

Her agenda included a seminar about Germany with personal consultation, where participants had the chance to ask questions about Germany and the F+U Academy of Languages itself. “I was able to give them lots of important information about us,” says Kyoko, “so they will come to us with a good feeling.” A former student of the F+U Academy of Languages, Mr. Naoki Okuno, was there, too, and shared his experiences about Berlin, Heidelberg and the activities of the Japan Centre.

A highlight was the participation in a study-abroad fair in Tokyo – “a big event with more than 850 interested people from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya,” reports Kyoko. The F+U Academy of Languages was the only German language school represented. Here again, people were very interested: “We had almost as many interested people as the language schools from the English-speaking countries.” A very successful fair indeed!

Why is F+U Academy of Languages attractive for Japanese language students? “Advantages are certainly the easy cultural exchange facilitated by our vocational college and our Japan Centre, the Total Immersion Programme, as well as the complimentary advice and support of the Japanese staff on-site in Heidelberg,” says Kyoko. “But most of all, the wide range of courses we offer, the English main courses as well as our large test centre and the security of the cities of Heidelberg and Berlin, are arguments in favour of the F+U Academy of Languages.”


Indian Football Talents Learn German at F+U Academy of Languages

From September 20 15 to May 2016, 15 young football talents from India and their 5 supervisors have been attending German classes organized by F+U Academy of Languages in Sinsheim, a small town near Heidelberg.

The young footballers were part of a programme for the development of young football talents at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in Zuzenhausen. The programme is a cooperative project of the German football club and the India based talent agency U Dream Football, which selected the 15 young footballers from among 10,000 students in a massive talent hunt in over 46 cities in India.
The development programme does not only aim at preparing the youngsters for an international career in football but also provides them with the opportunity to study in Germany after graduating from high school.

The German classes organized by F+U Academy of Languages were taught by Dieter Levedag twice a week. The young footballers attended with great enthusiasm: “The German language is very interesting,” says Ankit, “and without learning German, it is very hard to stay in Germany.” As Raúl says, even the difficulties of a language like German could not put them off: “German language learning started off easy, but kept getting tougher. But Dieter sir, our German teacher, helped me a lot to learn it faster.”

F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg is proud to have been a part of a project like this and to be able to support the next generation of Indian footballers on their path to success. For their future, we wish them all the best!
Learn more about U Dream Football here.


An Extraordinary Experience: Mexican Students Spend One Month in Germany

This summer, F+U Academy of Languages once again had the pleasure of welcoming a new group of 100 Mexican students at the age of 16 to 18 to our language schools in Heidelberg and Berlin.

The programme is part of a cooperative project between the F+U Academy of Languages and the Mexican educational provider Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores (ITESM), which operates 30 schools and facilities, in a number of cities, in Mexico. During their one-month stay in Heidelberg and Berlin, the students attended German classes in the mornings and regular classes according to the Mexican curriculum in the afternoons.

The group also had the opportunity to participate in a diverse leisure programme organized by the F+U Academy of Languages, which included day trips to nearby cities like Strasbourg, Trier, Stuttgart or Frankfurt.

What do the students like the most about Germany? “What I liked the most was the German architecture and the numerous fascinating buildings,” one of the students said. Another aspect about Germany they appreciated a lot is the convenient public transport system. Having been accommodated in either host families or the new Campus hall of residence, the Mexican students travelled easily to the F+U Academy of Languages and quickly learned what it means to be independent. After finishing high school, many students plan to study architecture, chemistry, or engineering sciences in Germany. “If they start learning German now, it will be easier for them to gain access to the German higher education system,” their teacher Adalberto Pérez Peña explained.

The cooperative program between ITESM and the Academy of Languages has been started many years ago. From January to May, a group of 84 Mexican students has been learning German at F+U Academy of Languages in Berlin and Heidelberg.

We wish our Mexican students a lot of success for their future and hope that they will come and visit us again soon!


Turkish Students Introduced to Japanese Tea Ceremony

Once a month, F +U Academy of Languages’ Japan Centre in Heidelberg organises a Japanese tea ceremony. Led by our certified tea ceremony teacher and director of the Japan Centre, Kyoko Neuß, interested students have the opportunity to learn something about this old Japanese tradition. They get to know how a tea ceremony is conducted and they can perform the single steps on their own.

Not only Germans interested in Japan and its tradition take part in this activity: even a group of Turkish students immersed themselves into this fascinating culture for about an hour. The Turkish students were curious and listening attentively and were excited to prepare and enjoy the typical Matcha tea themselves.

The tea ceremony is one of the many different activities offered by the Japan Centre at F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg. Once a month there is a Japan seminar as well, in which the students learn about Japanese conventions, traditions and topical issues. Dates and other activities of the Japan Centre can be found in our cultural program or on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/japanzentrum.

For further enquiry, contact languages@fuu.de.



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