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F+U Boarding School in Heidelberg

Round-the-clock supervision in our new boarding school for students 16+

F+U offers a new boarding school for international students aged 16-18: F+U Boarding School. Thus, minor students from abroad have the opportunity of attending the IB® Diploma Programme, the Vocational Gymnasium or a language class without being accompanied by their parents.

F+U Boarding School offers a safe environment and intensive round-the-clock care by pedagogically trained staff, which is geared towards the special needs of international minors. Supervisors help residents organize day-to-day activities and are always on hand as a contact person on-site, thereby creating a family-like community in which residents receive the personal care they need. This includes

  • help with homework
  • full board & joint preparation of meals
  • psychological support
  • accompaniments to appointments with authorities
  • leisure activities and placement in sports clubs & music schools

F+U Boarding School is located on the newly-built F+U Educational Campus in the heart of Heidelberg. Boarding School residents are accommodated in spacious, modern twin rooms equipped with internet access and en suite shower and toilet. The F+U Educational Campus offers a refectory, kiosk, lounge, study and community rooms, a library, gyms and laundry – all of which can be used by boarding school residents.

F+U’s Heidelberg Private School Centre (HPC) is located in the same building complex. F+U Academy of Languages can be reached by public transport in a matter of minutes.

For more information on F+U Boarding School, contact internat.hd@fuu.de.



International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme

The two-year International Baccalaureate® high-school programme paves the way into the world’s top universities

The two-year International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme at F+U’s Heidelberg Private School Centre (HPC) is the perfect choice for all young people who wish to obtain an international high school degree which is recognized world-wide as university entrance qualification. Thus, the IB® entitles them to study at the world’s highest-ranking universities, both in Germany, Europe, the U.S., Canada and other countries.

The IB® Diploma Programme has an international focus and teaches young people to think globally and across boundaries. Taught exclusively in English and on a high academic level, the IB® Diploma curriculum includes subjects such as

  • mathematics
  • business management
  • psychology
  • biology
  • English literature, Spanish or German as a foreign language

along with further training in study skills, essay writing and project work. The programme is rounded off by extensive university and career counseling, which will provide students with the best possible preparation for their future university studies.

The programme enables students to reach near-native speaker competence in English, which is a strong competitive advantage. Moreover, the IB® significantly increases a student’s chances to obtain a scholarship for university.

To enter the IB® Programme at the Heidelberg Private School Centre, students must

  • have completed the 10th grade in your home country with excellent grades
  • have a proven level of English (TOEFL® 95 or higher, or equivalent)*
  • provide a letter of motivation
  • conduct an interview on general knowledge of political, cultural and social topics with the Programme Coordinator

Students with insufficient knowledge of English can participate in a language course at the F+U Academy of Languages prior to entering the IB® Programme.

For more information about the IB® Diploma Programme, please contact the Heidelberg Private School Centre (HPC), www.ibo.org or ibdp.hd@fuu.de.



Vocational Gymnasium

Prepare for university studies in Germany with this three-year high-school programme

The Vocational Gymnasium at F+U’s Heidelberg Private School Centre (HPC) prepares students for the German Abitur, the high-school diploma that is a prerequisite to studying at German universities.

The Vocational Gymnasium is a three-year high-school course taught in German which includes Social Science, Business Science and International Business pathway programmes preparing students for specific higher-education studies. Thus, students take specialist classes in pedagogy and psychology, economics and business administration, or international economics.

Upon completing the programme, students obtain the German Abitur which entitles them to study at any German university.

To enter the Vocational Gymnasium’s high-school programme, students must provide a certificate of intermediate education (10th grade) and German skills on level C1. Interested students must not be older than 18 years of age when applying.

Students with insufficient knowledge of German may participate in a language course at the F+U Academy of Languages prior to entering the Vocational Gymnasium.

Starting in September 2017 with grade 5, the Bilingual Gymnasium will offer another attractive high-school programme for international students. Classes will be taught in both English and German, enabling students to learn two languages that are of the utmost importance in the professional world and necessary for anyone who wishes to study in Germany.

In order to learn more about the Vocational Gymnasium, please visit our website or contact internat.hd@fuu.de.



F+U Academy of Languages

From intensive courses to higher education counseling: a comprehensive language programme for international students.

Are your customers interested in entering the IB® Diploma Programme or Vocational Gymnasium, but feel they do not have the necessary English or German skills? Or have they already obtained their high-school or university degree and are looking for a suitable language course to prepare them for higher education in Germany?

F+U Academy of Languages offers a full range of language programmes addressing individual learning and professional needs, open to anyone aged 16 or older:

German as a Foreign Language can be studied in intensive, premium or super-intensive courses. Module courses help learners with additional grammar or conversation training. All courses may be complemented with individual one-to-one training.

As English skills are a must in today’s professional world, a similarly diverse programme is offered for English with intensive, module, evening and individual courses. International students who want to give their career a head start should opt for our special German as a Foreign Language plus English course which combines 20 hours of German and 15 hours of English per week.

All German and English intensive courses prepare for language exams such as TestDaF, DSH, telc, TOEFL® or TOEIC®, which are required as entrance qualifications by German universities and which can be taken directly at F+U Academy of Languages or our co-operation partner, FH Aachen. Students who wish to prepare more intensively for these exams may take one of our exam preparation courses in the afternoons and evenings.

F+U Academy of Languages also offers higher education counselling to international students who wish to begin a degree course at a German university upon completing their language course. The service includes orientation and help in selecting a suitable university or degree programme, assistance with up to three applications and writing motivational letters and CVs.

Students who are not yet 16 years of age have the opportunity of participating in our annual Junior Programme, which includes both German and English courses of up to eight weeks duration in July and August.

For more information on the F+U Academy of Languages, visit our website or contact languages@fuu.de.



Commercial College for Foreign Languages

Professional foreign-language trainings with diverse and future-proof career opportunities

The training programmes offered by F+U Academy of Languages include Foreign-Language Correspondence Clerk, European Secretary, and Multilingual Correspondence Clerk. These professions form the interface between national and international companies in an array of business sectors as well as organizations, ministries, educational institutions and authorities with international contacts. Their work includes the independent production of foreign-language commercial texts and correspondence translations that are both professionally and linguistically accurate.

Course contents include business, commercial correspondence, writing skills, IT skills, social and regional studies as well as office organization. 50% of the course programme is dedicated to language teaching, so trainees receive solid foreign-language skills in up to 4 different languages, including English, German as Foreign Language, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, or Russian.

A fourth vocational training programme is that of Translator, which consolidates foreign-language skills and introduces students to the techniques and methods of professional translation. The course is divided into two thematic blocks: translation of general and specialist language texts and regional studies/specialist subject areas such as economics, marketing, or international trade. The Translator course is state-recognized for English, French and Spanish.

All of these interdisciplinary qualifications are highly sought after by businesses in Germany and worldwide. To learn more about our vocational trainings, requirements and prices, consult our Foreign Language Professions brochure, our website, or contact languages@fuu.de.




Cosmopolitan university town Heidelberg is the perfect choice for living and learning

With roughly 150,000 citizens, Heidelberg is a medium-sized, clean and safe city which offers all the amenities of modern life.

Apart from a picturesque old town and world-famous castle, Heidelberg boasts Germany’s oldest and highest-ranking university, Ruprecht-Karls University. Numerous research centres and well-known companies are situated in and around Heidelberg and offer excellent job opportunities. International students and employees and tourists from all over the world contribute to an open-minded, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

A scenic landscape, sports clubs, museums and cultural institutions offer a wide range of leisure-time activities, giving international students the opportunity to exercise their newly-acquired German skills and to meet new friends.

Heidelberg has good shopping facilities and an excellent public transport network. The schools of the Heidelberg Private School Centre, F+U Boarding School and the F+U Academy of Languages are located centrally and in close vicinity of each other.

For more information on Heidelberg, visit www.heidelberg.de.

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