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Lots of Fun on the Junior Programme in August


In the second week of August, almost 90 Juniors participated in the Junior Programme to learn and discover. With games, songs and books, they were able to improve their German and English skills in a fun way.

Due to the rainy weather, most of the leisure activities in the afternoons took place indoors, for example, the Explo Heidelberg science exhibition and the mine in Schriesheim, or the falconry on the Königstuhl Mountain. The bird flight show was impressive. On Thursday, our Juniors watched the German 1954 movie classic “The Flying Classroom” in the cinema, and had a lot of fun bowling on Friday. Fortunately, the weather was better on the weekend, so the Juniors could play on the Neckar meadow on Saturday.

What our Juniors say:

Ismail: “I have many friends here. I like the activities. It is fun!”

Fernando: “This week, class was very good because games and grammar was combined in class.”

Fedor: “This week was very good, we visited many sights. Next summer I want to come here again.”

A child: “When we learn German in class, we always learn something interesting and then we play. But when we play, we also learn something.”

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