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F+U Academy of Languages on the Road in the Middle Kingdom


From May 15 until May 25, Karl-Heinz Rippel, director of the F+U Academy of Languages, is on a visit to North and South China in order to strengthen partnerships, make new contacts and introduce the educational programmes of the F+U group of companies. Karl-Heinz Rippel is accompanied by Dr. Huojin Xiong, director of the Foshan F+U Management and Consulting Co., Ltd.

The main subject of the trip is the expansion of our cooperation with our partner agency CAPI Cultural Development Co., Ltd. in North and Central China. In South China, contacts to universities, colleges and public authorities were established with the help of the F+U representative office in Foshan.

Thus, a language school is in the process of being established in partnership with the Polytechnic School in Shenzhen. The first courses have already started – Karl-Heinz Rippel met not only Vice Dean Mr. Jin but also the classes I and II of the new language school, in which government officers and businessmen learn German.

In cooperation with the F+U Academy of Languages, German evening courses for the staff of the urban administration are also held in Jieyang, another station of the trip.

Together with the University of Foshan, F+U's HWTK has launched an important pilot project: students will complete a two-year programme with integrated German classes in Foshan, after which they study at the HWTK for another two years. Karl-Heinz Rippel met Mrs. Professor Zhu of Foshan University in the German-Chinese Industry-Service Zone complex to discuss the partnership with regard to the so-called “2+2 model”.

Both the University of Cooperative Education (iba) and the University of Applied Sciences (HWTK) are of great interest to the Chinese, as they offer new educational opportunities for international students: the 8-semesters academic programmes begin with a German preparatory course of two semesters duration followed by 6 semesters of regular dual academic studies. Thus, international students with can take up studies in Germany with A2 German language skills. The programmes lead to a bachelor degree facilitating a one-year master programme afterwards.

Further topics of discussion with our Chinese partners are the educational offers of the Heidelberg Private School Centre (HPC), which has lately been accredited for the International Baccalaureate® Diploma. The vocational training for foreign languages of the F+U Academy of Languages and the recently established F+U International Boarding School for students aged 14 or older are also of great interest.

A gallery containing pictures of F+U Academy of Languages's journey to China can be found here.

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