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F+U Academy of Languages is visiting China


Beijing welcomes Karl-Heinz Rippel, head of the F+U Academy of Languages, with a cloudless sky. Visiting business partner CAPI in China's capital is first on the agenda.

CAPI's Managing Director Mr. Wu and Marketing Director Ms. Han, together with their employees, welcome the Sino-German delegation with Academy Director Karl-Heinz Rippel, Managing Director of F+U Foshan Dr. Huojin Xiong, and Deputy Director of the China Centre of the F+U Academy of Languages Wenwen Xi, in the agency's futuristic skyscraper. The first day of the trip ends with a Chinese feast.

The next day, academy director Karl-Heinz Rippel and managing director of F+U Foshan Dr. Huojin Xiong visit the mega-campus of the Polytechnic University of Shenzhen.

The Academy of Languages and the university have been working together for some years now. As part of this cooperation, the Academy of Languages receives an annual student group from the university for an exchange semester.

The University of Shenzhen has four campuses covering 168 hectares. The Polytechnic University, however, offers even more superlatives: it houses around 1.34 million books, 21,000 full-time and 6000 part-time students graduate in communication sciences, chemistry, environmental scienes or engeneering; the university has been awarded the "First Prize of National Educational Achievement" twice. The innovative and modern educational institution is therefore the perfect environment for online training in the virtual classroom of F+U Academy of Languages. A first online training session for 28 students at level A2 was received enthusiastically.

The next stop on the China trip is the metropolis of Shenzhen. Karl-Heinz Rippel, Academic Director of AOL, and Dr. Huojin Xiong, Managing Director of F+U Foshan, visit the city's leading foreign language grammar school. Many ideas for a possible cooperation have already emerged. We are curios about the interesting possibilities that can grow out of this and are looking forward to day 3 of the trip.

The fourth and last stop of the journey is in Taipei, where academy director Karl-Heinz Rippel and managing director of F+U Foshan, Dr. Huojin Xiong, visit the Chinese Culture University (CUU) located on the idyllic Yangmingshan.

At CCU, around 32,000 students and majoring in a wide range of fields, including art, social sciences, foreign languages such as English, French and German, law and journalism. Mr. Wu, Director of International Interchange, received the German-Chinese delegation. The meeting was very successful and the CCU showed great interest in a cooperation.

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